About Me

Exploring thought, form, and beyond.

Since I was a child, I've been fascinated with the act of creation—spending much of my free time making art, music, and writing, or studying math and physics. Nothing brings me greater joy than thinking up something new and then manifesting it in the real world; often, just the thought itself is satisfying enough—but the physical creation of a thought-made-real is nothing short of a sacred act.


This site is meant to serve as a collection of the things I've made and am proud of. If there were a concept that joined each piece together, it might be described as an attempt to explore and understand this beautiful reality we are born into.


Much of these doings serve no financial gain and are purely for the sake of my own joy in creating and sharing. If any of this work touches you or inspires any thoughts or questions, please let me know. Your feedback would mean the world to me!


Although originally from the United States—being born in New Jersey and earning my degree in Physics from the University of Massachusetts Amherst—I have spent most of my adult life abroad, living in Thailand and Switzerland for a number of years. I currently live in Austria with my wife and stepson where I teach Mathematics at a private international school.

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